The Unit Five Education Association exists to effect excellence and equity in public education and to be the advocacy organization for public education professionals in McLean County Unit 5 Schools.  UFEA is affiliated with the Illinois Education Association and National Education Association and located in IEA’s Region 14.

Our Purpose and Mission

The Unit Five Education Association (UFEA) exists to advance public education and to promote the welfare of students, teachers and other education professionals. Made up of nearly 1,000 members, UFEA forms a representative body which seeks to function effectively with other professional associations (local, state, and national). It is our goal to foster and promote good fellowship and professional ethics among our members, and to enable and empower members to speak with a common voice.

UFEA is governed by a Representative Council, which includes elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), other members of the Executive Committee (chairs of the following committees: Bylaws, Calendar, Collective Bargaining, Elections, Grievance, Hospitality, Membership, New Member, Political Action, PR/Community Service, Scholarship, and elected Association Representatives (“building reps”) from each building in the district (one rep is elected for every 20 members).

UFEA is directly supported by two IEA Staff members, a UniServ Director and a UniServ Associate. Other support is provided as needed by IEA Departments, including Legal Services, Communications, and Government Relations.

Local Leaders

Visit the leadership page to see a list of elected officers as well as committee chairs and Association Representatives (building reps) for each building.

UFEA members can see their leaders and building reps, and contact them, on our Leader Directory page.


The UFEA website,, was developed by IEA UniServ Director Ben Matthews and is maintained by Ben and UFEA leaders.  The site is updated regularly and your input and feedback are invited.  Simply email us at with your questions, feedback or comments related to the website.