Essentially every decision that gets made that effects educators and our students gets made by an elected official — from the Federal government, down to our municipal government and local school board.

That’s why we are politically engaged and active. That’s why we stay informed and get involved. That’s why we interview candidates and make recommendations about who we believe the best choices are for public education. And, it’s why we vote.

Keep reading to find out about the recommended candidates on your ballot. These recommendations were made by UFEA members and leaders after interviews and meetings with local candidates.


Unit 5 School Board

UFEA recently announced the recommended candidates for Unit 5 school board. You can read more about those recommendations, and view a sample ballot. These candidates all voiced their support for collective bargaining, their dedication to public education, and their desire to work with UFEA (and UFSPA) as decisions are made. But, depending on who you choose to support and vote for, you’ll want to be careful as you navigate the confusing ballot!

Normal Town Council

All of the candidates on the ballot for Normal Town Council (8 candidates are on the ballot for 3 seats) were invited to speak at the March 4 Representative Council. After hearing from the candidates, the reps and members in attendance discussed each and decided to recommend the following candidates:

Alex Campbell
Kathleen Lorenz
R.C. McBride
Stan Nord
Joel Studebaker
Pat Turner

While only 3 seats are open, those who heard from the candidates believed that any of those recommended would be committed to not only working with Unit 5, but working with UFEA to address shared issues and interests.

Bloomington City Council

Candidates for Bloomington City Council which represent wards that include Unit 5 schools were invited to speak at the March 4 Representative Council. Those reps and members in attendance decided to recommend one candidate in each of the wards.

Ward 2: Georgene Chissell
Ward 8: Jeff Crabill


If you are interested in working with any of the recommended candidates, feel free to reach out. Or, let us know and we can connect you with opportunities.

Even more importantly, be sure you are registered to vote. You can register or verify your registration online.

Then, either vote early (you can vote now!), vote by mail in McLean County or the City of Bloomington, or vote at your polling place on April 2!



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