UFEA Recommends Candidates for School Board

At the February 4, 2019 meeting of the Rep Council, Building Representatives heard from all 7 candidates running for the Unit 5 school board. Reps also heard a summary from the Joint UFEA-UFSPA Recommendation Committee which reviewed all of the candidate questionnaires and interviewed each candidate in January. After considering all the candidates, the Rep Council voted to recommend all 7 candidates*.

*The ballot is somewhat confusing (just take a look). 4 candidates are technically running unopposed. Those incumbents include Barry Hitchins, Alan Kalitzky, Meta Mickens-Baker and Mike Trask. The other 3 candidates are running for 2 seats. Those candidates include incumbents Kelly Pyle and Amy Roser, and challenger LaNell Greenberg.

Essentially, this means your UFEA Reps are encouraging you to vote for any of the candidates you believe would best represent you on the Board of Education, and that there are no significant concerns about any of the candidates. These candidates all voiced their support for collective bargaining, their dedication to public education, and their desire to work with UFEA (and UFSPA) as decisions are made.

If you would like more information about how the meeting went or how the candidates responded, please feel free to ask your Building Rep!

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