Several changes to Schedule B have recently been approved.

Those changes include:

  • District Chair positions for Middle School, Elementary School, Nurses, IMC and Adapted PE (previously all with stipends set at $2,000) have been wrapped into the Building Chair categories with stipends tied to the based and eligibility for longevity pay.
  • High School Swim has increases from .110 to .160 of the base.
  • Cheerleader and Dance positions have increased as follows: High School Varsity Football from .030 to .060 of the base; Competitive Cheer (formerly Varsity Basketball) from .055 to .110 of the base; Sophomore from .055 to .080 of the base; Competitive Dance (formerly Dance) from .055 to .110 of the base; 7/8 Cheerleader from .035 to .050 of the base; Junior High Dance from .040 to .050 of the base
  • Advisors/Sponsors positions have changed as follows: Head Senior Class and Head Junior Class from .030 to .040 of the base; FHA Sponsor is now called FCCLA Sponsor
  • Elementary School Concerts are added to Schedule B for music educators and are paid at .010 of the base.

These changes may be seen on this amended Schedule B document  and will be added to the contract documents on this website.


About a decade ago, a Schedule B Committee was created through collective bargaining. That committee was given responsibility for dealing with a number of issues related to Schedule B, and then providing recommendations to UFEA and to the Board of Education. There continues to be a Letter of Understanding attached to our contract that outlines the committee’s members, roles and responsibilities.

The Schedule B Committee collects data to be used when considering new positions, and for evaluating existing positions and pay rates. They also develop expectations and requirements, consider student safety issues, and explore professional development opportunities related to Schedule B positions. The committee is co-chaired by the UFEA president and the superintendent/designee. It includes a middle school athletic director, high school athletic director, 3 principals (elementary, middle school and high school), and 5 UFEA members.

The work of the committee stalled for some time, but recently the parties have worked together to evaluate and review Schedule B positions, and the changes addressed in this post are the result of that work.

Upcoming Bargaining

Our next opportunity to bargain is coming soon. Our current contract expires before the start of next school year, and we will be meeting with the District to bargain a successor agreement this Spring. Only UFEA members will have the opportunity to serve on the bargaining committee, provide input regarding the contract, and vote on the agreement during the contract ratification process. Be looking for updates regarding bargaining soon — and if you aren’t a member, contact your building rep to find out how you can join so you can have a voice in your next contract!


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