For over three decades, the system for funding public schools in Illinois has made winners of some children and losers of others, all based on where those students live.  IEA has taken an official position in favor of changing that system and is committed to executing a plan that will accomplish that goal. 

A very important way that you can help is by spreading the word and educating other members about this crucial initiative.  Your Invest in Excellence team, along with the IEA Communications Department produced a DVD that we have made available to every 35 members in the organization. 

The DVD is less than five minutes long and features IEA President Ken Swanson who welcomes IEA members back to school and gives them a brief introduction to the IEA’s quest for fair school funding.  This video is brief, relevant and easy to understand.  Your Invest in Excellence team has included starter questions with the video as well.  The questions are intended to guide a brief discussion after the video. (DVD’s and discussion guides are available at the IEA office if you’d like to show a copy in your building)

A new initiative of the Invest in Excellence campaign is sponsoring house meetings.  Would you like the opportunity to host an informational social gathering for ten to twelve friends, neighbors, and IEA members in order to spread the fair funding message?

Your Invest in Excellence team will be with you and support you every step of the way.  We’ll help with the guest list; provide the invitations, the speaker, theme and refreshments.  If you are interested in opening your home to help educate others about the broken funding system in Illinois, or if you need further information about the Invest in Excellence campaign, please contact

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