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Article 2: Negotiation Procedures


Negotiations on successor agreements shall begin no later than April 1, unless both parties agree to an alternate date.  Meetings shall be held as necessary at times and places agreed to by both parties.





Both parties agree that it is their mutual responsibility to confer upon their respective representatives the necessary power and authority to make proposals, consider proposals, make counter-proposals in the course of negotiations, and reach tentative agreements which shall be presented respectively to the Association and then to the Board for ratification.





Each party to negotiations shall select its negotiating representatives provided that the Board shall not select a member of the bargaining unit, as herein defined, and the Association shall not select a Board employee excluded from the bargaining unit.





Should either party declare impasse under the provisions of an applicable statute, the parties shall jointly request the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to provide the services of a mediator.  Should FMCS be unavailable, the parties shall mutually agree upon a replacement.  In the event that the parties cannot agree upon a replacement, the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board shall be notified.  The costs of mediation shall be shared equally by the Association and the Board.