Welcome back from Spring Break!

If you’re like me, you’ve had some significant issues with the Unit 5 email system over the past couple weeks. You’ve sent messages that were bounced back — or messages that didn’t bounce back, but you have no idea if they got through. You’ve had people tell you they sent you an email, but you’ve never received it. You’ve crafted messages that needed to make it to their recipient, but got anxious hitting “send” because you had no confidence they’d end up where they were supposed to.

I’m writing today for a few reasons, all related to these communication challenges:

  1. Communication is critical in the work we do every day. Whether it’s with parents, students or colleagues, we have come to rely on electronic communication. I want you to know we continue to advocate on your behalf with the Administration and encourage them to find a solution to these challenges.

  2. If you have sent an email to me or another UFEA officer, leader or building rep and have not received a response, it is very possible the message was never received. Please don’t hesitate to follow up with another message, or just give me a call (309-663-6400 is the office phone and you can get all of the contact information here: http://ufea.org/leadership). And, if you have been expecting an email back from me or another leader, it is possible that message never made it to you. If it’s urgent, please feel free to follow up!

  3. The building reps will be discussing a solution to help UFEA members stay connected to each other, even when the district email system isn’t reliable, at our next meeting on April 4. I want to remind you that all members are invited to attend those monthly meetings. I’ll be sharing with the reps some ideas and you will be hearing more following that meeting! And, of course, this website and our facebook and twitter pages are great ways to stay in the loop as well!

You’ll be hearing more soon, communication obstacles or not!

Thanks for all you do. Every. Day.


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